History of Bollywood

The 7Th of July 1896 is a landmark in the history of Indian cinema. This was the first time a movie was shown in India. It took several years and then in 1913 Dadasaheb Phalke made Raja Harishchandra which was the first Indian movie to be made. It was 3700 feet long and was based on the Mahabharata. The movies were black and white with no sound in the beginning. Then came the movies with sounds. Alam Ara was the first movie with sound and it was released in 1931. This movie was a super hit.

Then emerged the films in colours. This happened only in the late 1950s. Colours brought in tremendous growth in this industry. This was a time when the musicals and a melodrama were seen everywhere. Stars like Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand each created a mark for themselves. 1960s and 1970s brought in action movies and stars like Dharmendra, Jeetendra and Rajesh Khanna who were known as action heroes. Another landmark in the Indian film industry took place in 1975 and that was the launch of the 70mm movies. Sholay the first movie to be released as a 70mm movie didn’t do good business in the first week. The movie became a major block buster later as slowly slowly people went in to see the movie. The 1980s the heroes became more blood thirsty and every movie had the famous dialogue “kuttey main tera khoon pee jaunga”. This was the time when Amitabh Bachchan was known as the angry young man.

By the end of the century all the viewers wanted to see were family dramas and comedy films. This was when movies like Hum Apke hain Kaun and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge did sky rocketing business. This movies had formulas which were technically all wrong but they were the biggest blockbusters of their times. These movies were extra long, had twelve to thirteen song and dance sequences and had very very simple stories. But these movies worked because the stories were very real and the movies had lots of emotions to show. People laughed and cried and enjoyed these movies at the same time.

Now in the current era the latest trend is remaking. A lot of directors are making remakes of major hits of the past. Some of the recent releases have been Devdas, Don and Umrao Jaan. People have become choosy and it is not easy to predict which movie will be a hit and which flop. The audience is looking for creativity and new thoughts and ideas. This has opened the movie making industry to whole new world of film making.

A lot of new directors are now getting a chance to show the world their different and modern stories. These directors are not scared to experiment. The bigger the risk the bigger are the dividends. Each director is now ready to show the world the latest in relationships. Whether its divorce or live in relationships nothing is a taboo these days.

During the 70s and 80s kissing scenes were considered as cheap and publicity stunts. Nowadays kissing is too common in everyday life and the audience has accepted kissing as normal. But in the last three years the hottest sensation has been the smooching scenes. Some movies where this has been handled very maturely have been accepted by the audience but where it is down right cheap the viewers too have rejected it.

In India to keep a certain amount of control on movie making the censor board is very active. The members of the board are both male and female. Each movie has to get a certificate from this board before the movie is released. If it’s a U/A rating its open for viewer ship by all but if its an A rating then its only for viewers 18 and above.

Movies in India are made on both are a large scale and small scale. There are the big production houses and then there are small budget movie makers. Movies from production houses like Johar, Yash Raj, Mukta arts and the Kapoors are normally very big budget movies. Some of the most expensive movies in Bollywood are Dhoom 2, Don and topping the list is Devdas with a lavish budget of 100 crores. There are other movies like Iqbal, Hazaaron Khwaishain Aise etc. Whether a movie is big or small it has to be judged by the viewers. The audience has become choosy and the number of hits in a year has now gone down.

The previous year 2005 was a bad year for the industry. Most of the films bombed at the box office. The audience was sick of watching movies which have been copied from some Hollywood film or a remake of some regional films. 2006 came as a breath of fresh air. The year started with Aamir’s magic and ended with Hritik’s talent.

A year where each movie that came tried to do better than its predecessor. A year filled with dance and foot tapping music. A year filled with romance, suspense, action, drama and comedy. So now lets see what all has this year given us.

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