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Like bollywood gets its name from Bombay and Hollywood, the Tamil industry gets its name from Kodambakkam where the industry is based and Hollywood. This is the second biggest industry in India and is based at Chennai.

Tamil movie makers unlike their Hindi counterparts are far more original in their scripts. Very often you will find that a lot of Hindi movies are remakes of hit Tamil movies. Big stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor are known to have acted in Tamil remakes. Some Tamil movies have been such big hits that they have been dubbed and released in Hindi too and they have been very big hits like Roja, Bombay etc.

The current Big B of the Tamil industry is Rajnikant. This is an actor who has been acting in the Tamil film industry from the black and white era and is still going very strong. His last movie was Chandramukhi where he plays a psychologist. Born in 1950, there is nothing that can stop this star. He has acted in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, Kannada, Bengali and Malayalam. Rajnikant is not only a hit in India, his movies sell like hot cakes both in Singapore and Japan.

Now the industry is crowded with a lot of young stars. Each male star has a different nick name by which his fans know hi like-Super star- Rajnikant, Ultimate star- Ajith, Captain- Vijaykant, Ilaya Talapathi Leader of the youth)- Vijay etc.

The year 2006 has been a very different year for Kollywood as many movies came out this year but only the movies which were different stood out. This year another big thing was that the industry hits were all given by Malayalam actresses. Normally Kollywood is ruled by the Hindi actresses. This year Jyothika married Actor Surya and now there aren’t any more Hindi actresses.

Top 10 Tamil Movies 2009

  1. Kandhasamy starring Vikram, Shriya Saran...
  2. Nadodigal starring Sasi Kumar, Abhinaya, Anaya, Vijay Vasanth...
  3. Malai Malai starring Arun Vijay, Prabhu, Vedhika, Prakash Raj, Santhanam...
  4. Azhagar Malai starring RK, Banu, Napoleon, Lal, Manivannan, Sukanya, Paru...
  5. Pokkisham starring Cheran, Padmapriya, Vijayakumar, Aryan Rajesh...
  6. Achchamundu Achchamundu starring Prasanna, Sneha...
  7. Modhi Vilayadu starring Vinay, Kajol Agarwal, Yuva, Kalabavanmani...
  8. Vannathu Poochi starring Bala Singh, Siddharth, Madhavi Sharma, Revathy...
  9. Esha starring Vignesh,Lakshana...
  10. Aindham Padai starring Sundar C, Simran, Devayani, Akshaya...

Kandasamy:Chiyaan Vikram has a winner in Kandasamy. It is pure commercial masala entertainer that strikes a fine balance between style and substance, and also has a neat message. Susi Ganeshan has constructed an engrossing action driven adventure with panache.Nadodigal:Written and directed by Samuthirakani, with a cast composed mostly of newcomers, the movie is a must-watch for all. See it with your closest friends.Malai Malai:Arun Vijay has everything that a Kollywood star requires- good looks, has the necessary stuff in him to be an action hero with screen presence and the pedigree, but lady luck has been eluding him at the box-office!!.Pokkisham :This is an wonderful and very touchable movie. When people throw comments abt a film, just has to think what they really expressed in this movie. if you cant understand. please dont watch. you people want masala. better u see masala director;s film. dont come here.Achchamundu Achchamundu: starring Prasanna, Sneha and award winning American actor John Shea, is the first Indian film shot with highly sophisticated “red one” high definition camera.Modhi Vilayadu: On the whole, Modhi Vilaiyaadu is an interesting film with commercial element and right moments that will entertain the audiences. With the duration being kept short for 2.15hrs, the film is worth watching.Vannathu Poochi:The film might throw a rather unusual question to the audience on the legal rights and maturity of a child but at the same time it must be appreciated that this was a movie with a message that is much needed for the modern day couples.Aindham Padai:The film has nothing special in script as it is more or less the same as earlier stories made with clichéd elements on enmities between families.

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